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Qualifications and Experience

I have been a sworn Arabic-Polish translator since 2013.

I hold a master’s degree in Arabic Studies from the University of Warsaw, obtained in 2003.

I have lived, studied and worked in Arab countries for over 10 years. I have over 20 years of experience in translating for renowned companies and institutions.





Education and Qualifications

Education and Qualifications

Below are the most important qualifications I have obtained to practice as a sworn translator.

Master's degree in Arabic Studies

I graduated from the University of Warsaw with a Master’s degree in Arabic Studies in 2003. Prior to that, I was on a research scholarship at the Sanaa University (Yemen) in 2000-2001.

Sworn Translator

In 2013, I passed the state exam to become a sworn translator of the Arabic language and was included in the list of sworn translators, maintained by the Polish Minister of Justice, under number TP/113/13.


Professional Experience and My Clients

After graduating from the University of Warsaw with a Master’s degree in Arabic Studies, I lived and worked in Arab countries for more than 10 years. I also worked as a translator at the embassies of Arab states in Warsaw, and later held administrative and consular positions at Polish diplomatic missions (including the position of Polish Consul) in countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The experience gained in diplomatic and consular missions, both Arab and Polish, allows me to better understand the linguistic and formal requirements of the government offices, so that my translations are of high quality and are accepted by the  authorities in Poland and the Arab countries. I have been providing certified (sworn) translations since 2013, and ordinary translations since 2003. When performing translations, I use the specialized Trados Studio 2022 software.

I am the author of the first online Polish-Arabic dictionary. This dictionary first appeared on the Internet in 2002. Before that, no Polish-Arabic dictionary had been published either in book form or electronically.

Below is a list of my most important clients and previous jobs (in alphabetical order):

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